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SLM Solutions North America | Your Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment Partner SLM Solutions takes a vested interest in your company’s long-term success with metal AM, providing support and knowledge sharing that elevates use of the technology to the next level. As part of our commitment to partner with customers, SLM Solutions North America has an office and development lab in Metro- Detroit to foster collaboration on projects. Partnering with our colleagues in Germany, our local team of North American experts, including service, application, and systems engineers, as well as a Ph.D. metallurgist, provide full installation, maintenance, training and other learning opportunities, allowing us to harness the capabilities and exercise best practices for selective laser melting.

SLM Solutions

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SLM Solutions


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The Industrialization of Metal Additive Manufacturing; Some days are diamonds; some days are rocks


Date(s): 05/21/2019

Graham F. Boyd
Regional Manager – Northeast for SLM Solutions

Metal additive manufacturing production and design has ushered in a new era in design, engineering and manufacturing where complexity comes free and barriers to entry that were once unattainable are now available. In well regulated industries like aerospace, medical and automotive balancing this paradigm shift in thinking with the quality standards developed over years of experience brings challenge. In this session we’ll identify key challenges to wide adoption and how the industry can better foster this new era of industrialization. 


Process Parameters for Increased Productivity

SLM Solutions - Aaron LaLonde

Date(s): 05/22/2019

Aaron LaLonde
Director of Applications Engineering at SLM Solutions

Additive manufacturing systems of all kids have seen significant increases in productivity improvement in recent years. In laser powder bed fusion technology, the increase has been gained through development of multiple laser systems in combination with higher power lasers. In general, switching increasing the number of lasers can from one to two lasers close-to halves the build time, adding more lasers even further reducing the build time, in either case creating opportunities for applications that were previously considered uneconomical. Successful development of reliable and robust parameters that are capable of producing quality material throughout the machine can be a considerable challenge, especially when combined with the ever-increasing demand for new materials, larger machines and higher build rates. This presentation will discuss the parameter development process and capabilities for several materials and discuss the increased productivity achievable. Additional results will be shared demonstrating the latest developments in high productivity parameters with significantly increased build rates with a focus on titanium and aluminum.


Automotive Production Embracing Selective Laser Melting

SLM Solutions - Kyle Adams

Date(s): 05/23/2019

Kyle Adams
Application Specialist with SLM Solutions

The aerospace and medical sectors continue to grab headlines for their use of additive manufacturing, yet automotive applications are also ramping up their use of the disruptive technology. Not being able to compete with the speed of CNC machine tools, metal additive manufacturing is finding its niche in low-volume, highly complex components that utilize lightweighting through optimized topological designs and improved performance with internal cooling channels. In this presentation we will review some case study examples of a transmission plate, turbo charger, differential housing bracket and more to highlight reduced development times and part counts together with increased performance and time-to-market.

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