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Industry Reports

Manufacturing’s Top Industries Chronicled

Each annual industry report presents the authoritative insights from manufacturing leaders who outline the major market trends, processes, and technologies driving manufacturing success. Compiled by the editors of Manufacturing Engineering Magazine.

30 Under 30
30 Under 30

The outstanding young people honored by SME’s 30 Under 30 program make an impact at work, in their communities and across manufacturing. They are mentors, role models, researchers, engineers, innovators, teammates, gearheads, volunteers and ambassadors for STEM education.

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Aerospace and Defense Industry Report
Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

Includes analyses of the aircraft, space vehicle and missile, and guns and armored vehicle markets. The properties of additive materials, carbon composites, and metals from titanium to aluminum are considered. Experts discuss laser joining, grinding, automation, tooling, workholding, multiaxis machining, and welding. Lean, quality, metrology and workforce issues are looked at.

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Additive Manufacturing

A comprehensive, in-depth look at how the emerging technology of additive manufacturing (AM) is contributing to better health care today, and how this emerging technology might grow in the future.

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Motorized Vehicle Industry Report
Motorized Vehicle Manufacturing

Includes analyses of the light weighting materials and design techniques in the motorized vehicle markets. Coverage includes light vehicles, heavy trucks, off-road vehicles, engines, gears, industry analysis and forecasts.

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