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Smart manufacturing technologies, including additive techniques like 3D printing, networked equipment and computer modeling to monitor and adjust production, and end-to-end digital tracking of materials and finished products, are already helping to improve the productivity, energy efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of U.S. manufacturing.

This report, assembled by a National Academies committee that included SME Chief Workforce Development officer Jeannine Kunz and SME Board of Directors Member Jian Cao, explores technologies transforming the manufacturing sector and identifies both resources and research that will speed the adoption of smart manufacturing. The report also makes recommendations to address critical needs in workforce development and education that will help to train the next generation of the manufacturing workforce.

How To: Get Smart Manufacturing Skills

February 22, 2024
Resources and guidance to achieve Industry 4.0 success
Amy Bryson
By Amy Bryson Contributing Lead Editor, Smart Manufacturing
Karen Nyberg, engineer and retired astronaut, in the International Space Station.

Women in Engineering

February 22, 2024
Achieving gender diversity is an industry endeavor
Neil Curtis
By Neil Curtis DVP, Sales Marketing and Service, Zygo Corp.
Flooding and other natural disasters represent a threat to manufacturers—disrupting supply chains and halting production.

Disaster Preparedness: A Journey to the Cloud

February 20, 2024
Protect, prepare for potential disruptions
Matt Heerey
By Matt Heerey President of Manufacturing, ECI Software Solutions
Rashmi Vadlakonda explains 3D-printing technology to Project Scientist girls who visited Trane Technologies corporate headquarters in North Carolina.

Celebrating Women in Smart Manufacturing

February 20, 2024
International Women’s Day is March 8. Women move manufacturing forward 365 days a year.
Amy Bryson
By Amy Bryson Contributing Lead Editor, Smart Manufacturing
OPO lasers test optical fibers and components to characterize the spectral response of optical components, which can provide a competitive advantage in the optics industry.

OPO Lasers Put Optical Components to the Test

February 19, 2024
Optical component manufacturers should consider the merits of pulse-based OPO lasers
Mark Little
By Mark Little Technical and Scientific Marketing Consultant, Opotek LLC
CyManII at SOUTHTEC 2023.

Manufacturing USA, Stronger Than Ever

February 19, 2024
A glance back and a focus forward to achieve smart manufacturing
Amy Bryson
By Amy Bryson Contributing Lead Editor, Smart Manufacturing
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