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Join Us at RAPID + TCT 2023

The two industry leaders in 3D-technology events, SME and Rapid News Publications, have teamed up to produce the annual RAPID + TCT event, which takes place May 2-4, 2023 in Chicago, IL.

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Kalie Johnson

Scholarship Success Story:
Kalie Johnson

Kalie Johnson is an environmental engineering student who’s been able to attend school debt-free since receiving SME’s $10,000 IQAir North America Scholarship. Learn about her story and how the SME Education Foundation has supported her manufacturing journey.

CMfgA students

Goodwill Toward All Manufacturing Men and Women

Local Goodwill organizations partner with industry leaders to provide job seekers with the skills employers want. In 2021, nearly 2 million people received services from Goodwill to help grow their careers, and more than 123,000 people were placed into jobs in the U.S.


Collaboration is Vital to Grow Women’s Representation in Manufacturing

Without manufacturing, our nation’s economic vitality would be bleak and without women specifically in manufacturing, our society would look drastically different. To advance manufacturing, more can be accomplished when industry leaders focus on a common goal and combine resources to make a positive impact.

Celebrating Women in Manufacturing

In honor of Women’s History Month, SME celebrates the women of manufacturing who’re making a positive impact. Learn how manufacturing has shifted over the years when it comes to the women’s labor force and observe the current programs and people who make up this evolving manufacturing landscape.

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