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Volunteer Opportunties

Volunteers help contribute to the development of an educated, inspired and prosperous manufacturing community. Take a look at the individuals who currently make up the SME volunteer programs and find opportunities to become a part of the team.


Interested in Volunteering with SME?

SME volunteer leaders play an important role in supporting the organization's mission to expand and enable a thriving manufacturing industry, so that economic opportunity grows at national, local and individual levels.

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Volunteer Leaders

board of directors

The board is made up of leaders from varied backgrounds representing years of experience from a wide array of manufacturing disciplines. Acting as the governing body of SME, the board has the power to establish business policy for SME, order and conduct professional meetings and guide its member units.

member council

Comprised of leaders from industry, academia, research and government, the council leads the organization's member engagement activities in chapters, local communities and international Technical Communities.

chapter leaders

The chapter leaders oversee membership recruitment and retention endeavors, as well as coordinate the chapter's strategic planning efforts, helping guide the chapter through its short-term and long-term goals.

Student Summit Volunteers

Help inspire the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent at one of our hands-on competitions held at upcoming student summits.

SME Member Volunteer Impact

Jason Jones, PhD, is the founder of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies and has been an SME member since 2012. Learn how becoming an SME volunteer leader helped Jason and positively impacted his manufacturing career.

SME Membership: What’s In It For Me?

Edye S. Buchanan, CMfgT, sales strategist at BriskHeat Corp. has been an SME member since 1987. Read her SME Speaks’ guest editorial on SME Media explaining the benefits and value of being an active SME volunteer.