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Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month is a chance to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation.

Manufacturing Day and Month powered by SME Membership. We’re proud to support Manufacturing Day and help foster learning and collaboration between manufacturing companies and young creators. Manufacturing Day is an opportunity to promote the importance of manufacturing on a local, national, and global level. Companies across the industry come together to dedicate time and effort to connect with young professionals and educate the next generation of manufacturers. SME supports programs and initiatives that push the industry forward and help to advance manufacturing. We’re proud to participate in Manufacturing Day. 

Manufacturing Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in October. SME joins thousands of manufacturers across North America to showcase what modern manufacturing looks like. Throughout the entire month, we’ll have a series of events celebrating STEM and careers in manufacturing. There will be traditional webinars along with Shop Talks. All shop talks are virtual, open-forum discussions – facilitated by a moderator – focused on a key or emerging industry-related topic or product. Subject-matter experts will be invited to share their insights, experiences, and testimonials related to the topic. Explore all Manufacturing Month events at the links below. All events are open to SME members and non-members.

Note: Occasionally, Google Chrome will not load the registration pages properly. If you see a white screen when attempting to register for any of the events below, please copy and paste the link into a different browser. If the problem persists, please contact We are working to resolve this issue.


October 25 - Shop Talk on Women’s Contributions in the Industry

Explore how industry leaders are actively attracting women to manufacturing and showcasing diverse career paths.

You're Invited

All SME Chapters and Members are encouraged to host Manufacturing Day/Month events. The Manufacturing Institute offers resources to help you plan and register your program. Download a one-page document that highlights those resources and see what other organizations are doing to celebrate careers in the manufacturing industry.

Every Day is Manufacturing Day in October

Manufacturing Day is traditionally recognized on the first Friday in October each year. For an organization such as SME whose mission is to advance manufacturing by accelerating technology adoption and building North America’s talent and capabilities, however, the entire month of October becomes a celebration of manufacturing.
People touring a factory with a guide

Free Download: Educator Playbook

At SME our mission is to advance manufacturing and attract future generations. We created this Educator Playbook to share ideas and thoughts from our passionate team and experience in the market. We hope you find some tools you can use, some conversations you can have and help you in sparking excitement for our industry. If you use the Playbook, be sure to tag us on social media, and if you have ideas, thoughts and feedback that can make it better, please connect with us.