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Membership Has Its Advantages

Member-Exclusive Newsletters

Through our three exclusive newsletters, SME keeps our members up-to-date on the latest developments in manufacturing. We also share member news and information, local chapter activities, engagement opportunities and valuable insights from key volunteer leaders. Subscriptions begin automatically after joining, with the option to change at any time. 

SME Daily Executive Briefing

SME Daily Executive Briefing, edited and produced by Bulletin Media, is an exclusive member benefit that ensures readers are informed on relevant issues affecting the manufacturing industry. Sections include: Manufacturing, Workforce Development, Technology, Economic News, and Law and Policy.



“SME Daily Executive Briefing has become a staple in my daily career and activities. It gives me a great and accurate pulse on what the industry, economy and trends are doing both nationally and globally, which in turn allows me to diversify my business and career.” Ryan Mulcahy, CMfgT, CAM-T, Materials and Process Engineer, BLUE ORIGIN, SME Member Since 2015

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SME Member Corner

The monthly SME Member Corner highlights various SME announcements; engagement opportunities; chapter activities; spotlights new members and active members, as well as their accomplishments. It also includes the Member Council's monthly From the Desk of... column; awards and recognition opportunities; scholarship information; and more.

We welcome submissions from all SME members! Please submit your content for publication to


Chapter Officer Connection

The bi-monthly Chapter Officer Connection newsletter provides information important to SME chapter officers. It includes ideas for officers, engagement opportunities, chapter officer spotlights, chapter activity highlights, and information for officers to share with their members.

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2024 Issues

From the Desk of...Farhad Ghadamli

My fellow SME colleagues, and friends, I’m grateful that I have the pleasure of supporting you in my second year as your Member Council representative. After all these years that I have volunteered for the Member Council, I'm still pushing forward to increase my involvement and contribution because I know of the value this organization is bringing to manufacturing and to the technical community.