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Lean Certification

Lean Knowledge Certificate

The Lean Certification program sets the standard of lean practices and principles around the world. Imagine what it can do for your curriculum. Not only can it compliment your program, it can give you the assurance of knowing that your program is aligned with industry-recognized standards. And it can all begin with you.

Incorporate the Lean Bronze Certification exam as an outcome assessment for your curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to establish their lean knowledge. Passing the exam provides your students with a Lean Knowledge Certificate, which is the first step toward earning a Lean Bronze Certification.

Program Benefits

  • Improves understanding of knowledge transfer from you to your classroom.
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses within your program.
  • Enables you to evaluate future curriculum content decisions.
  • Establishes trends over time to identify how curriculum changes directly affect the exam’s outcome.
  • Gives your students the basis toward completing and earning the Lean Bronze Certification.
  • Prepares your students for industry roles in lean and gives them a competitive edge in the workforce.

Prepare for the Exam

Students can start their preparation early by reviewing the Body of Knowledge (PDF), competency model (PDF), and recommended reading materials. Through an examination analysis report (PDF), educators can view how students perform in each topic area of the exam, which can help identify strengths and weaknesses in students’ performance.

The industry-leading Lean Certification program is the result of a partnership among four leading non-profit organizations that collectively set the standard for operational excellence and an improved workforce. The Lean Certification Alliance — Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Shingo Institute, and SME — draws on their collective experience and the proven practices of thousands of individuals to provide continuous improvement.

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