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About SME

What is SME?

Established in 1932, SME (the Society of Manufacturing Engineers) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of manufacturing. SME leads the industrial ecosystem by elevating manufacturers, academia and the communities in which they operate. Together we share one common belief: Manufacturing holds the key to economic growth and prosperity. SME helps unlock the full promise of manufacturing as an engine of commerce, progress and human potential. We believe in technology's power and humanity's innovation to advance our society and meet many of our biggest challenges. We design new ways to understand and solve problems, and our solutions advance the next wave of inspiration.


Our Vision

Manufacturing is a diverse, thriving, and valued ecosystem


SME: Mission

Our Mission

Accelerate widespread adoption of manufacturing technologies and build North America’s talent and capabilities


SME: Purpose

Our Purpose

Advance manufacturing to drive competitiveness, resiliency, and national security


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What can SME do for you?

SME develops the partnerships and solutions that work to ensure North American manufacturing competitiveness, security and superiority on the global stage through our events, media, membership, workforce development, and the SME Education Foundation.  We build the bridge from today to the future by developing the next generation of manufacturing talent and capabilities. And we accelerate the widespread adoption of technologies that can propel manufacturing operations into excellence. 


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SME Membership

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SME Education Foundation

History of SME

SME has supported manufacturing for 90 years, from our founding as the American Society of Tool Engineers to our evolution to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1969 to becoming SME in 2013. Working closely with manufacturing professionals, companies, educators, schools and communities, we share knowledge and resources that generate solutions to manufacturing industry challenges.

SME was created as a membership organization, but has grown beyond that to serve the manufacturing industry even more broadly with events, workforce development and media products.


American Society of Tool Engineers is Born

First Western Metal and Tool Exposition Conference is Held

First Western Metal and Tool Exposition Conference is Held

SME Creates Education Foundation

SME Creates Education Foundation

Representing all manufacturing disciplines

SME leadership is elected by the voting membership of the association and includes a diverse lineup of industry and academic leaders representing all manufacturing disciplines. The officers and international directors of the SME Board of Directors act as the governing body of SME with budget authority and oversight responsibility. The SME Member Council, with the SME board, is responsible for strengthening local chapters around the world and formulating recommendations surrounding SME member recruitment, retention and engagement.

Board Of Directors | Executive Team | Member Council

Impacting Manufacturing with Talent and Technologies

To conclude our 90th Anniversary Celebration, SME has prepared this Annual Impact Report detailing the work and accomplishments of SME and the SME Education Foundation to advance the manufacturing ecosystem.

As you peruse the report, you will notice a central theme of impact. SME and the Foundation have partnered to advance the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent through enhanced programming, expanded partnerships and new funding models.  SME values and understands the compelling impact a highly skilled and diverse workforce has on local and national competitiveness, economic prosperity and national security.

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A Nonprofit Association of Manufacturing Professionals

SME is helping the world’s manufacturers adapt, innovate, grow and prosper. An SME membership gives you access to people who can help you throughout your career. Join now and start building your own personal connections and let SME assist in your manufacturing journey and contribute to your career development.

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