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Read up on all things manufacturing. 

The SME Blog is intended to share manufacturing content spanning across a wide variety of topics, technologies and industries. SME is a leading voice within manufacturing, we understand the problems manufacturers face, and we’re here to help find solutions to meet today’s manufacturing needs. Explore our library of blogs covering the people, products and practices that make up our manufacturing community.

Recent Posts

The Manufacturing Imperative: 2024 Progress Report

Addressing the Manufacturing Workforce Crisis: The Manufacturing Imperative

This 2024 Progress Report on the implementation of the Manufacturing Imperative – Workforce Pipeline Challenge (MI-WPC) is the first in a series of annual reports since its announcement in the fall of 2023 and its launch in January of 2024.
Manufacturing Excellence Recognized at SME Spring Gala

Manufacturing Excellence Recognized at SME Spring Gala

SME celebrated the achievements of exceptional professionals at its International Awards Gala in June. These remarkable individuals have spearheaded groundbreaking advancements in manufacturing technologies, processes, and education, shaping the landscape of industry innovation.
Membership Emerging Professionals

Engaging Emerging Professionals: A Strategic Approach for Your SME Chapter

Graduation season has come and gone, presenting a prime opportunity to connect with newly graduated students. To effectively engage emerging professionals in your local SME chapter, emphasize the unique benefits tailored to their career growth and interests.

Your Voice Matters: Meet the Member Council Candidates

The SME Member Council, established in 2003, plays a vital role in leading engagement activities within SME's volunteer networks.
Kayla Jordan

SME Voices: Celebrating Pride Month

Manufacturing is an industry that must be inclusive and open to everyone to thrive. One thing is diversity of thought, approach, and opinion amongst collaborative employees who feel welcome and have their voices heard will allow organizations to do great things.
Women of SMART Experience 2024 A Resounding Success

Women of SMART Experience 2024 A Resounding Success

On June 4, 2024, SME and Women in Manufacturing (WiM) co-hosted the "Women of SMART Experience” at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh.
Farhad Ghadamli

Member Council Insights: Farhad Ghadamli

My fellow SME colleagues, and friends, I’m grateful that I have the pleasure of supporting you in my second year as your Member Council representative.
SME Career Café

Elevate Your Interview Game: Essential Tips to Show Up as Your Most Authentic and Confident Self

In our recent SME Career Café, we were joined by Business Consultant and Executive Coach, Allison Yeager; Certified Master Personal Brand Strategist, Jacqueline Connolly-Peros; and University of South Carolina Career Services Manager, Kelli Carroll.
Manufacturing Industry Coffee Chats (MICC)

Emerging Trends in Electric Vehicle Technology and Infrastructure

As the electric vehicle (EV) industry continues to grow, significant innovations and persistent challenges are shaping its future.
S239 Robotics Club Group Photo

MTSU Special Funding

The Middle Tennessee State S239 Robotics Club, sponsored by SME Chapter 43 – the Nashville chapter, recently showcased their skills and innovation at the prestigious National Robotics Challenge (NRC) 2024 in Marion, Ohio.

EmpowerHer: Navigating Pathways in Engineering

On May 16, 2024, SME Membership hosted, “EmpowerHer,” a collaborative, virtual event focused on inspiring middle and high school students.
Tara Thomasson

Member Council Insights: Tara Thomasson

As a young professional engineer embarking on your career journey, the path ahead can be exhilarating yet daunting. It's a time of immense growth, learning, and self-discovery, where the choices you make today will shape the trajectory of your future.
Emerging Professional Industry Coffee Chats (EPICC)

Highlights from Emerging Professional Industry Coffee Chat: Dealing with the HR Headache

When starting a new job or transitioning to a new role, navigating the intricacies of human resources can be complex. However, insights gleaned from HR professional, Kim Miscavage, and career development coach, Kelli Carroll, in our recent Emerging Professionals Coffee Chat shed light on common misconceptions and best practices.
SME Manufacturing Imperative Workforce Pipeline Challenge

Top 3 Barriers to Improving the Manufacturing Workforce Pipeline in Education

SME launched the MI-WPC in collaboration with 25 community colleges.
Additive Manufacturing Coffee Chats

Highlights from Additive Manufacturing Coffee Chat: Recent Innovations

In our recent Additive Manufacturing Coffee Chat on April 16, 2024, members from the SME Membership community came together to discuss the recent innovations in AM that they are most excited to see transform the industry.
Drew Crow

Drew Crowe: Championing Second Chances in Manufacturing

As we celebrate Second Chance Month,  we shine a spotlight on Drew Crowe, founder of the New American Manufacturing Renaissance and an advocate who embodies resilience, as the essence of second chances.

Member Council Insights: Brock Strunk

My name is Brock Strunk and I have the honor of serving a two-year term on the Member Council based on votes from members like you.
30 under 30

Highlights from "Rising Stars in Manufacturing: A 30 Under 30 Conversation”

On April 3, 2024, SME Membership hosted, "Rising Stars in Manufacturing: A 30 Under 30 Conversation.”
SME Career Café

Highlights from SME Career Café: What are Soft Skills?

During SME Memberships’ recent SME Career Café on April 2, career development professionals and industry experts Arthur Hughes, Laura Johnson, Monica Lawson, and Christie Hasbrouck shared valuable insights on the importance of soft skills and strategies for honing them.
Chapter 44’s drive for youth integration: The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

Chapter 44’s drive for youth integration: The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

Having youth to attract youth is a key that we often do not have. Strive to find your key. I guarantee that your efforts will bear much “fruit”.
Emerging Professional Industry Coffee Chats (EPICC)

Emerging Professional Industry Coffee Chat Highlight: Are You a Manager or Leader?

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, the distinction between leadership and management is crucial for success.
The State of SME and the Importance of Connections

The State of SME and the Importance of Connections

The State of SME is an annual member-exclusive event where executives and leadership from the Board of Directors share how SME is impacting the future of manufacturing.
Matthew Clegg

Harmonizing Dreams: How Handshakes Transformed Music into Machines

Matthew Clegg’s unwavering dedication to SME has helped to shape a remarkable career and brought him a sense of fulfillment like no other.
Success Stories from Inaugural Bright Minds Student Mentorship Program

Success Stories from Inaugural Bright Minds Student Mentorship Program

Last fall, SME announced the launch of their new Bright Minds Student Mentorship Program
So You Want to be a Welder

So You Want to be a Welder

This month’s career spotlight focuses on the role of a Welder, one of the most up-and-coming careers in manufacturing. Learn what hard and soft skills you need, what a welder makes, what sectors hire these professionals, and how to gain certifications through Tooling U-SME.
SME Career Café

Highlights from SME Career Café: Navigating the Job Search & Your Dealbreakers

In our recent SME Career Café: Navigating the Job Search & Your Dealbreakers session on March 5, Lucie Yeomans (CPRW, CEIC, NCOPE, OPNS, CCMC, JCTC, JCDC), owner of Your Career Ally, shared valuable tips on navigating the job search process while staying true to your values.
Cindy Li

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Cindy Li, PhD

Cindy Li, PhD, serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University's School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy. Her current focus revolves around the cutting-edge realm of AM. SME Member since 2018.
David Chamblee, PhD

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: David Chamblee, PhD

David Chamblee, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Applied Engineering Technology Department of the College of Science and Technology at North Carolina A&T State University. He is finding his transition from a 30-year corporate career to a research-based role, working with students, faculty, and industry leaders very fulfilling. SME Member since 2018.
Virtual Career Fair Blog Post

SME Co-Sponsored Virtual Career Fair Draws More than 300 Job Seekers

More than 300 job seekers registered to attend a Virtual Career Fair hosted by SME and Women in Manufacturing (WiM) on Feb. 8th. SME directly engaged with 30 of the attendees who expressed interest in membership.
CTA - How to Inspire Young Women on Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

How to Inspire Young Women on Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

What does it mean to be an educator or role model? Someone who is looked up to by others, seen as a good example, or inspires positive change. A great time to introduce a mentee to a new career option would be during Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day on February 22nd.
Gabriela Darras

Member Insights – Gabriela Darras

Gabriela Darras, SME’s 2024 Member Council chair and an account executive at Microsoft, has been an active SME member for over a decade. In our inaugural Member Insights, Gabriela looks to the future and explains how the Member Council works and how it delivers value for SME’s membership.
SME Career Café

Highlights from SME Career Café: Personal Branding

Personal branding took center stage during SME Membership’s February 7 SME Career Café. This engaging discussion shed light on various strategies for crafting an authentic, compelling personal brand that resonates with individual values and aspirations. Check out the recap of the key takeaways from the conversation.
So You Want to be a CNC Machinist

So You Want to be a CNC Machinist

This month’s career spotlight focuses on the role of CNC Machinist, one of the top 10 jobs in manufacturing. Learn what hard and soft skills you need, what a CNC machinist makes, what industries hire these professionals, and how to gain certifications through Tooling U-SME.
Manufacturing Industry Coffee Chats (MICC)

Highlights from A Manufacturing Industry Coffee Chat: The Internet of Things (IoT)

This Manufacturing Industry Coffee Chat (MICC) held Feb. 6th delved into the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in manufacturing. SME members discussed the transformative impact these innovations are having on safety standards, predictive maintenance, operational efficiency, and cybersecurity.
Hasnaa Ouidadi

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Hasnaa Ouidadi

Hasnaa Ouidadi is a graduate research associate and PhD student in manufacturing engineering at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics for process planning, as well as in-situ quality monitoring and assessment within smart additive manufacturing processes. SME Member since 2024
Black History Month

Black Leaders Provide Groundbreaking Inventions, Transformative Leadership Throughout History

Black innovators have made remarkable contributions to society through their inventions, new processes and equipment, and thought leadership throughout history. We celebrate their creativity and resolve in transforming manufacturing, shaping technology, and improving our lives.
Vaughn M. Hall Jr.

Conversations with a Manufacturing and Operations Engineer: Vaughn M. Hall, Jr.

Vaughn M. Hall, Jr. is the president of Corning Precision Materials and Korea region located in Seoul and Asan, South Korea. His 28-year career with Corning also has included tours in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, in engineering, operations, regional manufacturing, and supply-chain management. SME Member since 2023
Additive Manufacturing Coffee Chats

Highlights from Additive Manufacturing Coffee Chat: Advancements in the Medical Field

SME Membership hosted its second Additive Manufacturing Coffee Chat, honing in on the latest advancements in the Medical Field. Check out this summary of the enriching discussion.
Danielle Hilliard

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Danielle Hilliard, PhD

Danielle Hilliard, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, oversees the design and manufacturing team. Her passion for engineering ignited at the age of 9 while watching news of the space program, and her career placed her in the middle of it, serving the Space Shuttle program, U.S. Navy, and other aerospace organizations. SME Member since 2023
Jabari Garraway

Jabari Garraway – Success Story in Manufacturing

A year and two months into his full-time career since graduating from Purdue University in December 2022, Garraway has swiftly climbed the ranks, now serving as the production manager at Modineer Co.
The Unconventional Journey of Robert Malpass

The Unconventional Journey of Robert Malpass

In a world where success is often measured by conventional standards, Robert Malpass, with his unconventional journey and approach to life, stands out as a testament to the power of authenticity and perseverance.
The student chapter at Vellore Institute of Technology in India had an exciting last year. From January to December, SME-VIT was engaged in a diverse range of events, showcasing its commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.

Vellore Institute of Technology

The student chapter at Vellore Institute of Technology in India had an exciting last year. From January to December, SME-VIT was engaged in a diverse range of events, showcasing its commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.
Sheronda Carr

Acknowledging Our Accomplishments in 2023 – Sheronda Carr

SME’s Vice President of Membership, Sheronda Carr, recently shared some of SME Membership’s accomplishments in 2023. Results were impressive, but most importantly, they benefited SME’s member base and by extension, the industry as a whole.
A group of coworkers

5 Tips for Landing a New Career in the New Year

Are you gearing up for a career change in the new year? Whether prompted by external factors or a desire for personal growth, a strategic approach is crucial.
Robotics Technician

So You Want to be a… Robotics Technician

Our new series spotlighting different manufacturing career opportunities features exciting information about the role of Robotics Technician.
Rustin Webster

A Conversation with Rustin Webster, PhD

Rustin Webster, PhD, an associate professor at Purdue University’s School of Engineering Technology, and two-time winner of SME’s Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award, recently was interviewed by SME Membership’s Manager of Member Engagement Programs Chantel Bartlett.
Ryan Zeng

Chapter Officer Spotlight: Ryan Zeng

For December, we feature Ryan Zeng, Seattle Chapter 39, who is working to bridge gaps between students and working professionals in manufacturing. He’s also an advocate for advancing new technology in the industry.
Troy High School SME PRIME School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Manufacturing Day Unleashed

The first Friday in October of each year is traditionally recognized as Manufacturing Day. In 2023, SME made the entire month of October a celebration of manufacturing. Here’s a look at some of the activities.
Getting to Know New SME Member Juan Martinez

New Member Profile: Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez, a mechanical engineer with Suhner Industrial Products, maybe a new SME member, but he definitely is taking advantage of the industry knowledge offered as a member benefit like a pro!
Dan Braley

From the Desk of… Dan Braley

Dan Braley was elected an SME Fellow in 2022, is a past recipient of the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, and is an SME Certified Additive Manufacturing Technician (CAM-T) and an advisor for SME's RAPID + TCT event. He currently serves as a representative on SME’s Member Council.
Bright Minds Colledge Experience

Bright Minds College Experience Provides Exploration, Networking, Learning Opportunities

The Bright Minds College Experience at SOUTHTEC 2023 in Greenville, South Carolina on October 25 was a unique gathering of college students from Auburn University and Tuskegee University. It was a day of exploration, networking, and learning.
Christie Hasbrouck

A Chat with SME Member Christie Hasbrouck

When it comes to networking, few SME members understand the value of connecting with others and sharing information more than Christie Hasbrouck.

From the Desk of…. Jennifer Fielding

Jennifer Fielding, PhD, has served SME as a member for almost 10 years. She currently is the immediate past chair of the SME Member Council and has contributed to the SME Additive Manufacturing Technical Community Leadership Committee.
Robotic Arm demo at Cal Fullerton Manufacturing Day 2023

Cal State Fullerton Celebrates the Success of Titan Manufacturing Day 2023

Organizers from SME Chapter S282 at Cal State Fullerton were thrilled with the outstanding success of Titan Manufacturing Day 2023, an event that celebrated the future of manufacturing and its significant impact on the community.

Chapter Officer Spotlight: Bryan Dods and Nathon Tubbs

For October we spoke with Bryan Dods, SME Chapter 164, and Nathon Tubbs, SME Chapter S394. Check out their similar passion for service and learn more about their SME membership experiences.
People touring a factory with a guide

Every Day is Manufacturing Day in October

Manufacturing Day is traditionally recognized on the first Friday in October each year.
Matthew Clegg

From the Desk of Matthew Clegg

Industry veteran and SME Member Council representative Matt Clegg addresses student members on the importance of connections and community.

SME Thought Leadership Pervades FABTECH 2023

SME is well represented at this year’s FABTECH 2023 event with SME members serving as speakers, panelists, and advisors across the four-day event. The activities include 40 keynote presentations, thought-leadership panels, workshops, and conference papers.
Will Healy

Member Profile: Will Healy III

Anyone who meets Will Healy III knows that he’s very passionate about manufacturing, but from a people perspective.
Krishna Vuppala

From the Desk of… Krishna Vuppala

Hello fellow members, my name is Krishna Vuppala, lead manufacturing engineer with John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, and an SME Member Council representative.
Chapter Officer Spotlight: Paul Gould

Chapter Officer Spotlight: Paul Gould

For August, we went international (well, Montreal is in Canada) and are featuring Paul Gould from Montreal Quebec Chapter 50. Due to the summer break, we’ll resume spotlighting student chapter leaders in September.
Top 5 Tips for Interviewing During a Virtual Career Fair

Top 5 Tips for Interviewing During a Virtual Career Fair

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, virtual career fairs have emerged as a valuable platform for job seekers to connect with potential employers from the comfort of their homes.
David Atess Card

SME Member Spotlight: David Atess

Sometimes you find a subject – like manufacturing – more interesting than the one you studied for four years in college. New SME member David Atess went back to school after falling in love with CAD and additive manufacturing.
Tara Thomasson Blog Card

From The Desk Of... Tara Thomasson

Tara Thomasson, SME Member Council Representative, is a technical fellow with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. She’s been an SME member since 2018. In her From the Desk of… letter, she explains why mentoring is important for both the mentor and the mentee, and how her life and career have been positively impacted by mentors she has had over the years.
Happy National Hire A Veteran Day

The Power of Veteran-Owned Manufacturing Companies: A Commitment to Excellence and Community

In today's competitive manufacturing industry, veteran-owned companies hold a unique position that goes beyond just producing goods.
Prominent Manufacturing Honored During SME Spring Gala

Manufacturing Industry Innovators Honored During SME Spring Gala

Manufacturing is a community made up of amazing forward-thinking individuals. Since 1955, SME has been recognizing individuals from industry and academia for their significant innovations and impact within manufacturing. During the SME 2023 Spring Gala, these individuals were honored for their accomplishments through various SME honors, awards, and scholarships.
Ane Marie Harb, Quality Manager, Comefri USA, Officer, SME Nashville Chapter 43

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Ane Marie Harb

From growing up in Romania to becoming an engineering manager in the United States, learn about Ane Marie Harbs manufacturing career. During this conversation she explains the challenges she overcame and what helped her along the way to become the manufacturing professional she is today.
 Irina N. Ciobanescu–Husanu

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Irina N. Ciobanescu–Husanu

It’s important to acknowledge the people who’re making an impact through manufacturing and helping others along the way. Irina N. Ciobanescu–Husanu recounts her manufacturing journey and the family support system that helped her reach her goal of becoming an engineer and impacting the next generation of manufacturing talent.
Officers DiFrancesco and Harb

Chapter Officer Spotlight: Margaret Ann DiFrancesco & Ane Marie Harb

This month, we spoke with Margaret Ann DiFrancesco, SME Chapter S099, and Ane Marie Harb, SME Chapter 43. Learn more about their manufacturing journey and experiences as SME Members.

Four Ways the South Carolina Automotive Industry Is Growing

Companies are continuing to make investments in the South Carolina automotive industry, from BMW expanding its facilities to Volkswagen building a new electric vehicle plant. Learn about the region’s new manufacturing facilities and new automotive-based educational opportunities.

Manufacturing Automation Growing in Canada

Canada has successfully earned a reputation as a global manufacturing hub, investing in advanced technologies that are attracting new manufacturing businesses to the country. Learn more about how automation is on the rise in Canada.

Building an AM Network

SME member and Vice Chair of the AM Technical Community, Stacey DelVecchio discusses the progress of additive manufacturing in recent years and the importance of knowledgeable industry experts helping foster growth in the area of additive manufacturing.

How Machine Shops Are Leveraging CNC Manufacturing Robotics

Pairing automation with CNC machining has had great results for parts fabrication. Read about how machine shops are leveraging robotic automation to drive growth and remain competitive.

Cybersecurity for Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing companies need more robust cybersecurity measures to protect patients, maintain device performance, and comply with FDA policies. Learn about ways these businesses can improve their device’s cybersecurity measures.

Effective Networking Strategies that Can Lead to Business Results

Manufacturing peers from all stages of their careers discuss strategies to help both manufacturing companies attract employees and tactics individuals can use to navigate the current professional landscape and network effectively.

How Additive Manufacturing Is Changing Aerospace Production

As one of the first industries to embrace additive manufacturing, aerospace has successfully woven the technology into its production operations. Learn more about how 3D printing is changing aerospace production.

How Manufacturing Automation Companies Are Advancing Factories

Manufacturing automation companies play a significant role in the fourth industrial revolution. Smart factories are the future of manufacturing, and automating operations is the first step to achieving autonomous production. Learn how these companies are advancing manufacturing.

The Industries Advancing Manufacturing in the Northeast

Several industries are advancing manufacturing in the Northeast U.S. There is a commitment to advancing manufacturing, with consortiums, coalitions, and industry partnerships. Learn how this region is supporting renewable energy, defense manufacturing, and more.

Why Attend an Advanced Manufacturing Expo?

Learn how attending an advanced manufacturing expo can help manufacturers improve business operations while also helping to progress the industry. You can be at the forefront of manufacturing when you attend an advanced manufacturing expo.

Chapter Officer Spotlight: Anwelli Okpue & Kristen Forti

Each month SME highlights leaders from various chapters showcasing recent accomplishments, chapter events, and more. This month’s spotlight features Anwelli Okpue and Kristen Forti. Learn about these SME Chapter Officers and their journey within manufacturing.

SME Member Spotlight: Sheila Sherman

Recognizing the strong group of manufacturing professionals that make up the SME community is important. SME member, Sheila Sherman shares how membership with SME has benefitted her career.
SME Honors the Contributions of Women in Manufacturing

SME Honors the Contributions of Women in Manufacturing

On Monday, March 20th SME Membership hosted a virtual conversation to discuss and celebrate women leaders within manufacturing and how they achieved success by overcoming challenges in a male-dominated industry.

Collaboration is Vital to Grow Women’s Representation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is key to economic growth and prosperity. Without manufacturing, our nation’s economic vitality would be bleak and without women specifically in manufacturing, our society would look drastically different. To advance manufacturing, more can be accomplished when industry leaders focus on a common goal and combine resources to make a positive impact.
SME's Women Leaders

The Evolution of SME’s Women Leaders

The increasing trend of women entering careers in STEM is promising for the future of manufacturing. SME celebrates the achievements of women driving innovation in manufacturing who’ve chosen a career in STEM and continue to advance our industry.

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Michael Bell

Recognizing National Engineers Week, SME sat down with some of our amazing members to discuss their experience within manufacturing, lessons learned, and what’s next for the engineering industry. Meet Michael Bell and learn how SME has supported his manufacturing journey.

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Kayla Jordan

To recognize National Engineers Week, SME sat down with some of our amazing members to discuss their experience within manufacturing, lessons learned, and what’s next for the engineering industry. Meet Kayla Jordan and learn how SME has supported her in her manufacturing journey.

Conversations with a Manufacturing Engineer: Britton Foust

To recognize National Engineers Week, SME sat down with some of our amazing members to discuss their experience within manufacturing, lessons learned, and what’s next for the engineering industry. Meet Britton Foust and learn how SME has supported him throughout his career.

Increasing Manufacturing Opportunities for Underrepresented Communities

During Black History Month, we salute the innovators who dedicate their talent and creativity to manufacturing. SME Executive Director & CEO, Bob Willig, believes that manufacturing is at its best when we hear the voices of and engage with all community members.
Businessmen and machinery

A Guide to Automated Manufacturing Systems

Fully automated manufacturing systems have the potential to optimize production operations and maximize efficiency. But not every automation system is the same. Regardless of which automated manufacturing system is used, there are significant benefits to fully automated production.
3D Printing

Advancements in 3D Printing in Manufacturing

3D printing in manufacturing is used in several different industries for prototyping and product design, and even to produce end-use parts. As manufacturers continue to adopt 3D printing, innovative ideas and use cases for this technology are leading to advancements within the manufacturing sector.
Construction Worker & Pipe

Advancing Plant Engineering and Maintenance in Manufacturing

Plant engineering and maintenance involve managing a manufacturing plant’s mechanical and electrical systems, assets, and equipment. As more smart technologies are implemented into manufacturing facilities, this job also includes managing automated systems.
Machinery with sparks

Aerospace: Which is Better for Metal-to-Metal Bonding?

When it comes to processes used to develop products for aerospace, there are several different processes for bonding different metals together. Some examples of joined metals include titanium with stainless steel, titanium with iron-nickel, and aluminum with other metals. But which one is better is up for debate.
Machinery in factory

Automation Solutions for Manufacturing

In the fourth industrial revolution, advanced manufacturing technologies like automation are becoming necessary for manufacturers to continue to thrive. There are multiple manufacturing automation solutions available to help manufacturers improve operations, but what’s best for each company will depend on its business goals and strategies.
Cobotics Machinery

Cobotics: Improve Production with Human-Robot Collaboration

Cobotics is making automation more attainable for the manufacturing sector. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are often a better investment than industrial robots for small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Cobots work in the same environment as humans without barriers and safety fences.
Man Working with Machine

Combating Challenges for Medical Device Manufacturers

Prior to the coronavirus, manufacturers in the medical industry were using advanced manufacturing technologies to improve products and operations. Continuing to implement these advanced technologies will help medical device manufacturers combat the challenges they’re currently facing.
Composite Manufacturing

Composite Manufacturing Grows in the Texas Aerospace Industry

As the aerospace industry takes off in Texas, composite manufacturing is on the rise in the state. Composite materials play a large role in aerospace manufacturing, as they are lightweight and durable, helping to improve aircraft performance.
Man with PC

Digital Transformation Considerations for Manufacturing

As manufacturing companies implement smart technologies to stay relevant in the Industry 4.0 era, there are digital transformation considerations each company should think about before embarking on their digital journeys.
Intelligent Automation Machinery

Four Use Cases for Intelligent Automation in Manufacturing

Implementing intelligent automation in manufacturing processes is one of the most effective ways to streamline operations and improve efficiency within production. As manufacturers’ digital strategies evolve, they start to adopt more advanced manufacturing technologies. These include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation. The combination of these three technologies is the basis of intelligent automation.

Maximize Your Virtual Career Fair Experience

In preparation for virtual career fairs, SME Membership has created a program to maximize your experience. Join industry experts and learn tips about interviewing and the overall job search. The pre-virtual career fair event takes place on Feb. 1 from 3-4pm ET.

New Year, New Career Opportunities

SME has partnered with Women in Manufacturing (WiM) to produce two virtual career fairs in 2023 to help advance underrepresented groups in manufacturing who are seeking rewarding, sustaining careers. Registration is open for the first virtual career fair taking place on February 9, 2023.

Virtual Reality Engages a Multi-Generational Workforce

Whether it’s improving production processes or upskilling workers, companies are looking for smart manufacturing solutions. Virtual reality will be a part of manufacturing’s future, the only question is how manufacturers will make the most of these new tools.
NAMRC Is Where Ideas Are Born for Manufacturing

NAMRC Is Where Ideas Are Born for Manufacturing

When it comes to innovation within manufacturing, the goal is to develop sustainable processes to create something unique that adds value. The research presented at NAMRC sets the groundwork for important manufacturing developments in the years to come.

Creating Pathways for a Diverse Talent Pool

During MFG Month SME Membership provided a series of webinars focused on key or emerging industry-related topics and products. One webinar examined the strategies of using diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to improve manufacturing to create a more diverse talent pool.
Smart Manufacturing Executive Council

Smart Manufacturing Executive Council Gains Visibility

Jeannine Kunz, Chief Workforce Development Officer of SME, and John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer of CESMII visited the Peggy Smedley Show podcast to discuss the launch of the new Executive Council and the national imperative to engage the industry, align efforts and resources, and offer tangible solutions to combat the hurdles and roadblocks to adoption.

Manufacturing Day and Collaboration is Important for Industry Growth

Companies across multiple industry sectors have increased their investment in automation and technology solutions. Their dedication to these types of productivity enhancements shows commitment to invest in the future of their business and in turn, create an environment that attracts new and inspired employees.

SME Sends Hundreds to IMTS

The manufacturing technology community assembled in Chicago this year for IMTS 2022. SME was in attendance with a robust presence on the exhibit floor amounting to a total of seven different offerings.

Prepare for the Future with Training and Certifications

Whether you’re just beginning your career or a seasoned manufacturing professional, technical certificates will make you a high-value commodity and a sought-after individual within your industry.

Thrive with SME at IMTS 2022

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is back fully in person after a four-year hiatus, and SME will be in attendance. It’s exciting to be back in Chicago but it’s even more thrilling to have the opportunity to present new products and solutions to the public as well as host numerous member-driven programs.
SkillsUSA Competition 2022

SkillsUSA Competition Enables Young Creators to Shine

Created in 2013 by SME and Stratasys, the SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing Competition is intended to both educate high school and post-secondary students about additive manufacturing technologies and to provide the real-world, hands-on experience they can apply to a commercial product.
Sheronda Carr speaking at RAPID + TCT

SME Members Prominent at RAPID + TCT

Over three days, thousands of the additive manufacturing (AM) community’s best and brightest packed Huntington Place in Detroit to discuss and learn about new products, materials, and solutions.
Gender Diversity in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is Missing an Opportunity

The importance of manufacturers to the success of our economy and society is great. From designers and engineers to warehouse production staff, and everything in between, the opportunities for success in manufacturing are abundant.
Creating and Sustaining Opportunity

Creating and Sustaining Opportunity: Our Responsibility

Black History Month, a time of reflection and recognition, encourages us to acknowledge achievement and accomplishment. We at SME are proud to celebrate those within the Black Community who’ve contributed and continue to support advancements in manufacturing.
Inclusion in Manufacturing

Prioritizing Inclusion in Manufacturing

Our industry must be inclusive and open to everyone to thrive. Having role models and professional representation within manufacturing is of paramount importance. Passionate manufacturing professionals working together with common goals will ultimately drive business forward.
Solar Panels

Sustainable Manufacturing Equals Long-Term Success

Emerging science and technologies are key to the next generation of advanced manufacturing, global competitiveness, and sustainability.

Certified Manufacturing Engineer Certification: Because You’re Worth It

Achieving a professional certification sets you apart from the thousands of other talented men and women in manufacturing.

11 Advanced Manufacturing Experts Discuss the Industry’s Future

SME’s 2022 North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) is the continent’s preeminent and longest-running international forum for applied research and industrial applications in manufacturing and design.

Take Your Career to the Next Level With a Lean Certification

Lean Certification sets you apart from the competition and places you a step ahead in your manufacturing career.

Don’t Overlook the Value of Speaking Opportunities at Industry Events

Becoming an event speaker provides an opportunity to give back -- to reinvest your experience into the industry and share your knowledge with the next generation of manufacturing engineers.

The Value of Membership in Two Words

Essential resources for manufacturers come in many different forms. A professional membership provides resources and networking opportunities that will help advance your career.

Extraordinary Women in Manufacturing are Driving the Industry Forward

SME Celebrates Women History Month and specifically the extraordinary women in manufacturing who chose a career in STEM.